Resources for the New-to-Online Crowd

There are many benefits to learning online, such as asynchronous instruction, more accessible learning materials, flexibility to work around your schedule, and the opportunity to learn real-world skills. Online education has been developing consistently over the years, but the current pandemic caused a need for an immediate and global conversion. If you are an instructor looking for information to help you lead your online courses effectively, or a student looking for help to complete your program despite the conversion, we’ve compiled these resources to get you up to speed for your program.

Online Teaching Basics — We’ve developed this list of the top five resources for people who are new to the online world.

Are Open Educational Resources useful for online learning?

Here are five reasons that show how OER can help students and educators:

The New Normal: Using OER to re-open education (English PDF)(French PDF)(InDesign)(Word)

Apps in the classroom

Instructors around the world are doing their best to make learning accessible for their students. Here are a few stories that show how creative solutions are making it possible to re-establish connections with students:

Stay safe, observe the best practices, and help Canada overcome this pandemic.