Academic Accommodations and Support for Students

The current pandemic has brought interesting challenges for teaching and learning that test our ability to adapt to new formats and learning models. We’ve compiled this list of resources from local post-secondary institutions to help you find the various accommodations that have been granted to different programs and courses in B.C.

Back to School 2020 – Recommendations and Observations

The provincial government has developed and released its guidelines for post-secondary institutions across the province as they prepare for the fall intake of students. has compiled this list of over 150 universities, colleges, and institutes across the country to share the delivery models they’ll be using for the fall intake.

Online or On-Campus?

B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfer – BCCAT has created a page of publicly released communications from the post-secondary institutions of B.C. You can find institution-specific information on their site.

Grading options

As post-secondary institutions determine the best approach for their students, many are offering new grading options and/or extended add/drop deadlines. Follow the link to the relevant page below:

Student Supports

Some institutions are offering free or low-cost access to remote learning resources, such as laptops or software:

Accessibility Services

To help students make changes to adapt to an online learning environment, some institutions are providing online or phone consultations with their accessibility specialists:

Be Well at Usask

You don’t have to be in Saskatchewan to benefit from this podcast. Listen to members of the USask community as they share ideas and suggestions to be well in all aspects of our lives.

Stay safe, observe the best practices, and help Canada overcome this pandemic.