Supporting the Mental Health of Others During COVID-19

During this time of self-isolation, it’s easy for anxiety, stress, and depression to affect you or the people in your life. Resources are available to help you recognize the symptoms and find support over the phone or online.

  • The World Health Organization has helpful information for people caring for people afflicted by COVID-19, with messages for team leaders and managers in health facilities; people caring for children; healthcare workers; and the general population.
  • Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators (EASE) – Resources to help students in grades K–7 through cognitive behavioural strategies to cope with anxiety.
  • We Gotchu – a resource from SFU – This new site from the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University is an excellent channel for students to find and access the resources they need during this pandemic. The slick layout and friendly language is supportive and robust, with information about financial supports, mobility options, food, health, school, and more. This is an impressive website that many students will find helpful.

Stay safe, observe the best practices, and help Canada overcome this pandemic.