Stress Management

Video: How to cope when the world is cancelled: six critical skills

The coronavirus outbreak has completely disrupted daily life. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu shows you how to cope when social events are canceled, you are socially isolated, or in quarantine.

Understanding Stress

The University of British Columbia created a resource to share information about how and why the COVID-19 outbreak causes stress and impacts your mental health, with tips to help you recognize signs of stress and learn how to manage it.

Stress Management Resources

A new graduate student support group, the National Black Graduate Network, designed by Black graduate students, for Black graduate students, is now available online. This shared academic community is specifically for students interested in improving Black studies.

HealthLink B.C. has assembled a guide to share five tips for managing COVID-19 stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has information and tools to help you stay well in these uncertain times. Resources include a crisis line for immediate help, community counselling, peer support, and more.

The University of Victoria has developed a list of 10 ways to cope with anxiety caused by COVID-19.

Anxiety Canada offers this guide to help people struggling with stress from COVID-19.

Wellness Together Canada offers a no-cost suite of supportive programs for Canadians, featuring a wellness self-assessment and tracking tool; self-guided courses; group coaching in a supportive community; and counselling services by phone or text.

Hope for Wellness provides an online chat counselling service for immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention. The service offers experienced and culturally competent counsellors, with phone or chat sessions available in French and English, as well as Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktitut.

Stay safe, observe the best practices, and help Canada overcome this pandemic.