Learning & Teaching with BCcampus

To ensure B.C. post-secondary educators have access to relevant opportunities, resources, and talent to support learning in their institutions, the BCcampus Learning & Teaching team has developed resources and strategies for teaching, learning, and educational technology informed by research, input from the sector, and Open Education best practices.

Some of the approaches used to encourage professional learning activities include our:

  • Focus on impactful facilitation skills (e.g., Liberating Structures, Visual Practices)
  • Educational Technology User Group (ETUG) workshops
  • Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning
  • EdTech Projects
  • Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) workshops

Focusing on learning; integrating technology; encouraging Open

By focusing on impactful learning, effective use of educational technologies, and open education practices, the Learning & Teaching team at BCcampus fosters professional learning throughout B.C. We help colleagues from all B.C. post-secondary institutions, including faculty, instructors, instructional and learning designers, educational technologists, educational developers, and librarians. Through partnerships and agreements with national and international organizations, such as the STLHE or the AACU, we are able to ensure our learning framework embraces the foundational elements of impactful learning practices.

Inter-Institutional Collaboration

We use a collaborative approach to develop and share educational resources for the B.C. post-secondary sector to improve learning opportunities and to help institutions realize cost-savings for their departments. By sharing resources, expertise, and instructional approaches, we—the collective educators of B.C.—can make learning effective, accessible, and affordable.

The Learning & Teaching team facilitates a number of communities for the post-secondary system in B.C.:

Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG)

ETUG is a grassroots assembly of educators throughout the province, with an interest in teaching, learning, and educational technology within the higher education ecosystem. Through face-to-face workshops, ETUG enables professional development, innovation, and the collegial sharing of ideas and resources.

British Columbia Teaching & Learning Council (BCTLC)

A supportive community of educational leaders in B.C. provides direction and support for learning technologies, scholarly practice, student learning, and challenges and opportunities around teaching. The group facilitates access to high quality teaching and learning communities that span the B.C. post-secondary education system.

B.C. Open Educational Technology

To enable B.C. post-secondary education institutions in the development and application of open source technology tools, the B.C. Open Educational Technology community works together to provide open and ethical online resources for educators. The community, comprised of post-secondary educators throughout the province, promotes inter-institutional collaboration with pathways to actively participate in open source software projects, lowers the barrier to participation in Open Web, and offers a sustainable ed tech support system that provides practical solutions to educators and PSE institutions striving to build open education pedagogies built on network learning principles.

Facilitating Learning Online

The Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) workshops are designed to develop participants’ online facilitating skills by providing the opportunity to be in the online learner’s shoes; work in online teams; give and receive constructive feedback; and experience a variety of learning-facilitation techniques and strategies.