Prevention and Risk Mitigation for COVID-19

What is COVID-19, and why is it so infectious? Who is vulnerable, and what can we do to mitigate the risk? What’s the difference between quarantine and advice to isolate?

This Government of Canada COVID-19 resource answers the above questions and more. Learn about the coronavirus, preventative measures you can follow, information about your at-risk status, and effective hygiene procedures to help you and your family stay safe.

The site also includes a section about false and misleading claims, so you can make fact-based decisions from a reliable source.

Symptoms and treatment of COVID-19 — Stay informed about diagnosing and treatment options for people who have contracted COVID-19.

Travel restrictions and exemptions —  Current information about B.C.’s stance on travel to, from, and within Canada.

Know the facts about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) — Medical details about this disease, via the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The World Health Organization has excellent information about COVID-19 from a global perspective.

Advice for caregivers — How to protect yourself while taking care of a person with COVID-19.

Physical Distancing: Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in Indigenous Communities

To help minimize stress and financial hardship for Indigenous post-secondary students, the B.C. government has added $1.5 million to the Indigenous emergency assistance fund to be used for expenses like rent, remote learning, and immediate necessities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented demand on Canada’s health care system and has led to an urgent need for access to health products. Drugs and vaccines for COVID-19: Overview.

Stay safe, observe the best practices, and help Canada overcome this pandemic.