Category: Protecting Your Rights


With COVID-19 impacting many aspects of our lives, including work, home, and school, it’s vital to be aware and understanding of all perspectives and lifestyles. Respecting the rights of the people you live or work with must remain the highest… Read More

Human Rights

Ensuring that all government actions are non-discriminatory, multiple organizations are focused on preserving the rights of every individual in the province. The Office of the Human Rights Commissioner created this resource to provide information about the rights and responsibilities of… Read More

Tenant Rights

As we are in a state of emergency, the provincial government has amended the Residential Tenancy Act to support tenants and landlords during the crisis. Supports and measures are in place to help you stay safely at home, doing your… Read More

Disability Justice

Canadian human rights laws state that there is a duty to accommodate your accessibility needs, even when you’re in a healthcare environment, with no discrimination in your treatment. Communication Disabilities Access Canada developed this toolkit to help you explain, advocate… Read More

Student Rights

COVID-19 has created the need for most post-secondary institutions (PSI) — throughout the province and around the world — to react quickly to the current situation. These rapid decisions are presumably made with the best intentions for the good of… Read More